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Onix Sports Pure Indoor Pickleballs (6, 12, 72, 200 Balls)

Product Description

The Pure Indoor Pickleball designed by Onix Sports was developed to perform exceptionally well indoors. The Onix Pure Indoor Pickleballs are not approved for USAPA tournament play at the moment. The Onix Pure Indoor pickleballs are produced using a state of the art injection molding process. The holes in the pickleball are all symmetrical and the same size, allowing the ball to perform exceptionally well and last longer than most indoor balls on the market.

Because of the manufacturing process of the Onix Indoor Pickleballs they will provide a consistent bounce and will last longer than most pickleballs, largely in part because of the holes being the same size. One thing that sets these pickleballs apart from others is that the two halves are joined together with high heat temperatures to create a long lasting durable seam. The balls have an awesome true flight technology which allows the ball to stay true during indoor play.


Technical Specifications:

High heat seam manufacturing

Pure Bounce Technology

True Flight Technology

Weight: .9 Ounce

Diameter: 2.85 inches

Bounce Height: 37"

Play: Indoor Pickleballs

Manufacturer: Onix Sports 

Colors: Yellow or Orange

Made in China

$ 19.99

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