Pickleball Outdoor Cloth Court Line Tape (200')

Product Description

The Pickleball Outdoor Cloth Tape is a great court lining solution for those who want a less temporary option. This outdoor tape is made of high-quality cloth and coated with polyethylene. The resilient adhesive found on the underside of the court is natural rubber and the finish is low gloss. Because of the nature of the minimal glossiness, there is little-to-no light reflection on this tape. This makes it really easier to see the lines on the court thanks to the reduction of glare off of a shiny court tape. This outdoor cloth tape is also water-resistant, both on the adhesive and on the finish making it ideal for courts.

The Outdoor Pickleball Cloth Tape is especially suited for locations where clean removal of the tape is vital. The adhesive allows for no remaining residue after it’s peeled off, depending on the type of surface and how long it’s left down. The longer it sits, the more likely there will be residue. However, the residue is easily removable if there is any at all; it seems to just dissolve. The Pickleball Outdoor Cloth Tape is also quite easy to tear by hand in case scissors are not readily available. Lastly, it does not twist nor curl while applying it to your surface.

The Pickleball Outdoor Cloth Tape is great for those who want court tape for an outdoor playing surface.

Each roll is 200 feet long and 2 inches wide.
Polyethylene-coated cloth tape
Excellent water resistance
Surface type and duration of application may affect performance

Here are helpful suggestions from the manufacturer on removing pickleball court line tape. You can use the following applications. Please note we are not liable for any court damages and these are suggestions. Use at your own caution:

• Rubbing alcohol
• Citrus-based cleaners
• Windex
• Heat

If the tape has been down for a long period (3-6+ months), prior to removal heat can be applied with a hair dryer as tape is peeled back.  The heat softens the adhesive and little to no residue should remain.

Available in the following colors: red and yellow

$ 26.99 $ 29.99

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