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Phoenix Pickleball Polo-Women's

Product Description

The Women’s Phoenix Polo is the kind of garment that prompts people to ask, “Where did you get that?” The pointelle fabric is knitted into a faintly-reminiscent grid pattern which is both tastefully and visually attractive. You’ll be incredibly comfortable in this 92% polyester and 8% spandex blend which aims to completely remove any hint of sweat from your body. The ocean blue hue is a great color for every skin tone and the feminine cut is both flattering yet modest. The placket on this polo resembles a “Y” shape and two pearly buttons add a bit of flair.

The Women’s Phoenix Polo features open sleeves for ultimate comfort and fit, while the knit collar stays flat against the neck and shoulders. Unlike some sleeves, these are designed to cut the curve of your upper arms at the most flattering location. On the upper back of the neck, the manufacturer’s logo is embroidered. A tasteful “Zero Zero Two” and “Game On” are embedded within an embroidered circle surrounding a pickleball paddle and a yellow pickleball.

The Women’s Phoenix Polo is the perfect blend of class and function.

$ 33.99

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