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Pickleball Ball Holder

Product Description

The Ball Holder is custom made to hold pickleballs. It is available in three different styles:

1. The Portable Net Ball Holder, easily attaches to the side of any Portable Net System.
2. The Chain Link Fence Ball Holder latches onto the chain-link fencing that so commonly runs around the perimeter of pickleball courts.
3. The Tennis Net Ball Holder is designed to slide on the side of a typical tennis net.

The Ball Holder will hold up to eight pickleballs. While all three types of Ball Holders are similar in appearance, they differ in how they attach. The Portable Net Ball Holder slides onto the end post of the net system. The Chain Link Fence Ball Holder has a uniquely-shaped piece of metal protruding from it, which catches onto the fence and holds it in place. As for the Tennis Net Ball Holder, there’s a slight ledge which grabs the tennis net. Each Ball Holder has a similar shape with a square opening and a flat, triangular base. They measure 16” long and have a 4” wide opening.

The Ball Holder is the perfect, convenient solution for holding pickleballs.


$ 39.99

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