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Pickleball "Improve Your Game" Vol. 1 Training DVD

Product Description

The “Improve Your Game” Volume I by Alan Christensen is the first level of a three-disk instructional set recorded by pickleball professional Alan Christensen. Christensen is a nationally-ranked player who has found immense success at tournaments small and large. He designed this DVD to give an hour-long rundown on the basics of pickleball. This disk includes content covering basic strategies, starting techniques, necessary equipment, and various practice drills. Every beginner to the sport will greatly appreciate the amount of knowledge Christensen shares with them throughout this DVD.

The “Improve Your Game” Volume I by Alan Christensen is the perfect gift or instructional tool for every pickleball player. Even expert players will appreciate running over the basics again to refresh even the simplest aspects of the sport. The DVD lasts for an hour which is just enough time to muster up motivation to go try out your newly-learned skills.

The “Improve Your Game” Volume I by Alan Christensen is just what any player needs to see his or her game take off.


$ 15.99

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