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Pickleball Magnets

Product Description
The Pickleball Magnets not only add color to an otherwise bland refrigerator door or other magnetized surfaces, they also show off your pickleball love. Each adorable little trinket is perfectly round and backed by an incredibly strong black magnet. Inside every pack is four magnets, each with a different color graphic. Each magnet features the same graphic of a pickleball, but the color differs from magnet to magnet. The variety of whimsical colors (cheesy orange, pickle green, deep red and royal blue) add a bright pop of color wherever the magnet is found.

The Pickleball Magnets are sure to bring a smile to your face. These magnets are the perfect size; small enough to not completely hide what’s behind it, yet large enough to prevent your document from slipping. From one side to the other, each magnet measures 1-1/4” wide. They are hand-stamped on a professional machine.

The Pickleball Magnets are a great gift or purchase for yourself.
$ 11.99

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