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Pickleball Now Indoor Pickleballs (6 or 12 Balls)

Product Description
The Pickleball Now Indoor Ball has been specifically developed with indoor playing conditions in mind. This indoor ball has slightly thinner and harder plastic than the Jugs Indoor Pickleballs. This makes it a winning combination with the durability of outdoor balls and the large holes of indoor balls. The surface of this ball is very slightly textured which allows the ball to “grip” the smooth indoor gym floors, thus improving the ball’s bounce and liveliness.

The Pickleball Now Indoor Ball is a deep apple green color, making it easy to spot against classic pale wood gym floors and walls. This ball measures 2.875” in diameter making it the same size as the Jugs Indoor Pickleballs. These balls weigh 22 grams and have a 30-inch bounce which may help the ball travel faster through the air. This ball’s hardness measures the same as the popular outdoor balls, so rest assured that these balls can stand the test of time.

The Pickleball Now Indoor Ball is a good alternative for players who want a harder indoor ball without sacrificing that great green color.
$ 24.99

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