Pickleball Paddle Bundle | Set Includes Two Wood Paddles, Four Outdoor/Indoor Balls, One Premium Carry Bag | Extra Wide Body w/Ultra Cushioned Grip | Meets USAPA Specs | Includes PDF w/Rules and Tips

Product Description

Brand: Westop Sports

Color: 1 Set- 2 Wood Paddles | 4 Balls | 1 Bag


  • IDEAL BEGINNERS' BUNDLE... perfect for children, coming to grips with the game, and enough equipment for the whole family to enjoy; includes Two-Four Paddles, Four-Eight in/outside balls & One-Two premium quality carry bag.
  • HIGH GRADE GRIP... it's a given that grip affects your control, so we have given ours extra cushion to feel more comfortable in your hand and reduce fatigue; now you can make effortless volleys & strokes. Small to medium sized ribbed grip with safety wrist strap. Perfect for adults but small enough for kids.
  • FOR POWERFUL PUT AWAYS... Lightweight Construction, Powerful, Large Body! These Pickleball Paddles are weighted to provide more bang for your buck. The fully painted face (same as composite paddles) increases durability while protecting against warping and cracks.
  • WON'T FAIL YOU MIDGAME... unlike graphite rackets that can snap at the handles, our maple paddles won't embarrass you mid-game, nor will they develop deadspots and lose their pop
  • MEETS USAPA STANDARDS... the Westop Sports Pickleball Paddle Set is built to USAPA standards. Racquets are 8" W x 16" L, & 5" grip; ideal for indoor or outdoor pickleball play. No mesh bags here, our ultimate bag is quick to open and waterproof to keep your pickle-ball equipment dry

Publisher: Westop


    Want to start playing Pickleball but not sure which paddles to buy? Our Pickle Ball Set is perfect for
    beginners. Click ADD TO CART now to receive premium standard colorful paddles that are super-easy to use.


    • Perfect weight that provides more oomph and reduces hand fatigue
    • Weight is highly suited for ex-tennis players
    • Adds power to your slams while maintaining finesse
    • Premium upgrade handle for extra comfort & control
    • Less impact & vibration along your arm / elbow vs lighter paddles
    • A cost effective Pickleball Paddle set for beginners, schools, clubs & YMCAs
    • Includes 2-4 x Paddles, 4-8 x in/outside balls & 1-2 x premium quality carry bag, & PDF Rules & Tips


    Our Pickleball Paddle set meets the standards set by the USAPA however they are intended for beginners
    rather than serious competition, so we have not sought approval, nevertheless, they are a premium set made
    to a very high standard.


    You are probably thinking of graphite pickleball rackets that are known to sometimes suffer from their paddle
    heads snapping off during play. Our paddles will not embarrass you in this way whether playing
    indoor or outdoor.

    Buy with confidence, you're covered by our 100% Money Back "Westop Pickleballers" Guarantee, no questions
    asked. Click Add to Cart now to receive premium standard paddles that are super-easy to use.

    If you have opted out of 3rd party seller emails you may not receive the ebook in your inbox. Simply reach out
    to us through Amazon (Westop) and we'd be happy to provide you the ebook.

    UPC: 754436611988

    EAN: 0754436611988

    Package Dimensions: 17.0 x 9.0 x 2.5 inches

    $ 24.99

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