Pickleball Paddle,Textured Surface for Extra Spin,USAPA Approved,Graphite Pro Pickleball Racquet Lightweight,Carbon Fiber Pickleball Racket,PP Core,an Extra Cover and Paddle Grip

Product Description

Brand: ESPER

Color: BLACK


  • [TEXTURED GRAPHITE SURFACE USAPA APPROVED]-This pickleball paddle`s surface is not smooth, and has real texture with the graphene molding new technology,not the print effect,the result of surface roughness is USAPA APPROVED,few paddles`s surface can like this .The granular texture can be saw and felt on the paddle`s surface .
  • [MAKE BALL SPIN FASTER] - The textured surface of the pickleball paddle can make the ball spin very fast with more power and speed than the smooth face paddle ,it takes less effort than the smooth surface paddle .Anybody can control the ball`s direction and falling point easily and flexibly,make it harder for your opponent to judge the direction of your attack.
  • [IMPROVE PLAYER`S SKILL LEVEL] - With the textured graphite surface,this pickleball paddle has the just right balanced of materials and weight,size and control,power and speed,flexibility and maneuverability,suited to any skill level, benefits to beginners and experienced players alike,and it can help players to improve play skill level quickly;
  • [EASIER CONTROL TO PLAY] - With 7.8 OZ lightweight,anyone can control this pickleball paddle easily and play better;The circumference of the paddle is 4.25 inches,wraped by ultra cushion comfortable,sweat-absorbent grip,it can help the players without fatigue in longtime`s play.
  • [DURABLE NOT EASY BROKEN] - The slim edge guard is made of environmental protection material,this can reduce the mishits when hit the ball,and it can provides protection for the pickleball paddle when it hits on the ground or accidentally hit something else,make the paddle durability.

Details: [Usapa Approved Textured Graphite Surface Pickleball Paddle , Can Make Ball Spin When You Play With it,Help to Improve Your Play Skill Level and Enjoy Your Play ][Graphite Textured Surface] This pickleball paddle is true textured graphite surface ,different than the smooth face paddles; The textured paddle has more benefits ,better to all players ; No matter what your paly skill level,you will love this paddle when you play with it. [Make The Ball Spin] With the textured surface,this pickleball paddle can make the ball spin faster with more power ; Be suitable for indoor and outdoor gameplay ; [Easy Control to Play] Design with special structure of just right 7.6-7.8OZ lightweight and balance; Honeycomb Composite Core inside to offer more power ; This paddle is easier to control for any skill level players ; [Comfortable and Durable] An extra overgrip for gift for the big hands player ; Slim edge guard is good to protect the pickleball paddle and make the paddle durable; A cover protect the paddle; If you never played with textured paddle: This textured paddle is a amazing paddle than you ever saw ; Amazing gift for pickleball enthusiast ; If you are beginners or new: This textured pickleball paddle will help you to improve your play skill level quickly ; If you are professional: This textured pickleball paddle will helpful to play better; Material:Graphite carbon fiber and honeycomb composite polymer core Size:15.5*7.9*0.5" Weight:7.6-7.8 OZInclude:1 pickleball paddle ,1 cover ,1 paddle grip for replace, 1 color overgrip

EAN: 0681381741463

Package Dimensions: 15.9 x 8.9 x 1.5 inches

$ 68.99

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