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Pickleball Tutor Machine

Product Description

The Pickleball Sports Tutor Machine shares the same basic designs as the tennis machine and has over 25 years of proven reliability. This revolutionary machine is only 12 x 18 inches wide and 20 inches deep, making it almost half the size of other machines on the market. This Pickleball Sports Tutor also weighs only 29 pounds – easy to transport to any pickleball court imaginable yet is super powerful for its size. This machine can hold up to an amazing capacity of 125 pickleballs. Each shot can be tailored for the individual player: choose from a high lob, a short dink or a quick, direct fire at speeds up to 50 miles per hour. Great for serves, drives, lobs, and groundstroke shots. Our customers love this machine and all the options it provides for them with their shots!

The Pickleball Sports Tutor Machine available at Ultra Pickleball is offered in battery-powered or AC model allowing you to charge up before going to the courts. When the battery is fully charged, it can last up to 2-3 hours. Before breaking it in, we recommend to fully charge the machine (which can take 12-18 hours the first time). Pickleball Players can program the machine to fire at intervals between 1-1/2 and 10 seconds depending on how quick you want your game to be and the speed of your shots.

This wonderful pickleball training machine is offered in oscillating and non-oscillating options (battery or AC power). The oscillating model will randomly fire side-to-side shots which more closely resembles a real game. Conversely, the non-oscillating version will fire straight shots in whichever direction the machine is pointed. The machine can be used with both indoor or outdoor pickleballs and it is offered at an extremely affordable price. We recommend buying pickleballs in bulk for this machine so you have more playing time in between loads. This machine can hold up to 125 pickleballs.

Machine accessories available for additional charge (must be ordered at same time machine is ordered). Please visit the product page for each accessory to place your order for that item. Here are the following accessories available.
Air Pedal remote: Enables ball feed to be turned on and off from a distance via the 80 ft. long cord and foot pedal.
External Battery Pack: External battery pack attaches to the machine through the charging jack and will provide an additional 4-6 hours of run time. Battery pack weighs approximately 12 pounds.
Weatherproof Cover: Light gray vinyl cover.

The Pickleball Tutor Machine is covered by the manufacturer for 3 years, and the battery is covered for 1 year.

Pickleball Tutor Technical Specifications

Battery-powered model weighs in at 29 lbs.

AC powered model weighs in at only 22 lbs.

Ball capactiy: 125 Pickleballs

Arc: Drive to Lob

Ball Feed Rate: 1.5 to 10 Seconds

Measurements 12" x 18" x 20"

Amazing speeds from 10 mph to 50 mph

3 year manufacturer warranty on machine

1 year manufacturer warranty on battery

Proudly Made in the USA

$ 899.00

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