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Polar Tack Pickleball Glove

Product Description

The Polar Tack Glove is a top-notch product manufactured by the highly-respected platform tennis company, Viking. These will keep your hands nice and warm for the duration of your pickleball game as well as protect your palms from callousing. They are the perfect solution for playing in frigid weather without having to deal with the frustrating issue of numb fingers. While these gloves are perfect for pickleball, they’re also great for use in countless other cold temperature sports such as golf, tennis, cross-country skiing or even driving. 

The Polar Tack Glove’s palm and fingers are made of an extremely high-quality white sheepskin which provides fantastic performance as well as incredible softness. The back of the glove is lined with black polyester. The fleece backing and lining contributes to the glove’s warmth, and the extra-long wrist strap helps even more to keep the cold outside the glove. 

The Polar Tack Glove is sure to make your hands happy from the first play of the game through the final attack. 

Note: These gloves run small, consider ordering up one size.
Wash in cold water with mild detergent. Avoid contact with snow or ice melting compounds.
$ 34.99

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