Pro Series 2001 Wrist / Forearm / Elbow Ice Pack & Ice Wrap

Product Description

The Pro Series Wrist / Forearm / Elbow Ice Pack and Ice Wrap is great for the elbow or wrist for common ailments such as tennis elbow, pickleball elbow, golfers elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome and other overuse or repetitive strain injuries. Ice wraps are great for the avid sports player that needs some cool relief for elbows, wrists and forearm therapy.

The Pro Series Wrist / Forearm / Elbow Ice Pack and Ice Wrap is great for use immediately after tennis & pickleball matches for relief from chronic tennis elbow pain and inflammation. This Elbow Ice Wrap is one of our most popular items and should be kept in the gear bag of anyone who suffers from tennis elbow, pickleball elbow, or golfers elbow pain.

The shape and size of this cold ice compression therapy wrap is perfect for tennis elbow, pickleball elbow, or golfer's elbow. The size makes it extremely flexible and able to shape to your needs.


Ice Wrap Technical Specifications:

Ice Wrap For: Elbow, Forearm, Wrist

For use with tennis elbow, golfers elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, and arthritis in the elbow or wrist.

Adjustable size for a perfect snug fit

For use with right or left elbow

Simple and easy to use. Just fill the ice bag with ice and wrap away!

Cold Ice Thereapy

Manufacturer: Pro Series USA

Made in the USA

$ 34.99

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