Professional Grade Super Duty Solid Core Electric Dog Fence Wire - Compatible with All Wired Electric Pet Fence Systems - 1000 Feet

Product Description

Brand: Extreme Dog Fence


  • 16 Gauge Wire - Much Thicker, Heavy Duty Wire than Factory Packaged 20 Gauge Wire (Included with Average DIY Fence Systems), for Superior Wire Longevity
  • 1000 Foot Continuous Spool - Eliminates the Need for Splicing Wires Together
  • HMW Polyethylene Coating - Superior Protection Against UV Rays and Water Exposure
  • ROHS Compliant/Direct Ground Burial Rated/Tough Guard Coated - The Standard Among Professionals
  • Universally Compatible With All Wired Electric Dog Fence Systems - All Brands and Wired Applications

Publisher: Extreme Dog Fence

Details: 1000 Foot Roll of Extra Heavy Duty 16 Gauge Solid Core Pet Fence Wire (Thicker Wire and Protective Jacket than Factory Packaged 20 Gauge Wire and the Thicker 18 Gauge Wire)

No matter the terrain you are enclosing, we have the heavy duty wire you will need. These continuous spools are enough wire to enclose up to 1 acre. We recommend Heavy Duty Pet Fence wire in any areas where the wire may experience wear and tear, such as rocky conditions or cold weather climates.

Electric dog fence systems usually come with the cheapest low-grade wire available, whereas most professionally installed systems use a more substantial heavy duty polyethylene coated variation. Whether you're replacing a section of your existing fence or wiring your yard from scratch, you can easily find a relatively inexpensive and compatible wire for your project. Regardless of gauge, you should choose only a solid, insulated wire rated for burial, preferably polyethylene or plastic coated for maximum performance, which is what all our wire is made of.

This wire is compatible with ALL pet fence brands and wired applications:

Invisible Fence
Dog Watch
Contain Your Pet
Dog Guard
Perimeter Technologies
eXtreme Dog Fence

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UPC: 725410613007

EAN: 0615867146725

Package Dimensions: 10.5 x 8.3 x 8.2 inches

$ 59.95

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