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Rally Meister Pickleball Set - 4 Wood Paddles/Net System/Balls/Bag.Line Tape/Rulebook

Product Description

The Rally Meister Pickleball Set includes everything you may possibly ever need for pickleball at an unbelievable price. This set comes with four Rally Meister Wood Pickleball Paddles, one Rally Portable Net System with Ball Holder, one Sampler Pack of six pickleballs, one Duffle Bag, one Official Tournament Rule Book, and one roll of court Line Tape.

The four wood paddles that come with this set are our best-selling wooden paddle. They are the similar in design to higher quality graphite or composite paddles and are the lightest wooden paddle, weighing only 9.0 to 10.6 ounces.

The portable net system included in the Ultra Rally Meister Pickleball Set is a high-quality net system that comes with a ball holder which easily attaches to the side of the net. The top of the net stays taut thanks to Velcro fasteners, and the net stands solid on its’ black steel frame and strong legs. The ball holder easily fits on the end of the net and can hold up to eight pickleballs. It also comes with it's own perfectly sized carrying bag.

The Rally Meister Set also comes with some lesser-known pickleball necessities. The ball Sampler Pack includes two Dura Outdoor balls, 2 Dura Big Hole Indoor balls, and 2 Jugs Indoor balls. The red or navy duffle bag is roomy and can hold all of your pickleball necessities. The rule book can help put an end to any ruling disagreements while the 200-foot long roll of court tape marks out the full pickleball court lines.

The Rally Meister Set truly includes all the necessities (as well as some extras!) for pickleball playing. 


The Rally Meister Pickleball Set includes the following:
4-Rally Meister Wood paddles
1-Portable Net System
1-Duffel Bag
1-Rule Book
1-Roll Court Tape


$ 239.99

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