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Rally Replacement Bag

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If it’s time to retire the original bag that came with your Rally Portable Pickleball Net System, look no further than the Rally Replacement Bag. It is a virtual twin to the bag that may be on its last limbs. A bag endures lots of wear and tear due to the sheer amount of use it gets hauling around the heavy net system, so it makes perfect sense that it may need to be eventually replaced. This replacement bag will certainly do the trick!

The Rally Replacement Bag has the same great features as the original bag. The zipper wraps around a long length of the bag’s circumference, making it easy to add or remove parts from the bag. The inside of the bag is compartmentalized, for easy storage and organization. There are also straps on the inside to keep your net from sliding around. The handy straps on the outside make for easy carrying, and the black nylon material is extremely long-lasting.

The Rally Replacement Bag will keep your net system safely stored for many years to come.
$ 27.99

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