Rebounder Pickleball Net

Product Description

The Rebounder Net is the perfect way to keep playing pickleball for as long as your heart desires without needing to rope in a partner. It will keep bouncing your pickleballs back at you until you decide that you have had enough. You can even stay social with your pickleball friends as one person plays on either side of the net. This multisport product can be used for any sort of racquet sport including tennis, squash, racquetball and, of course, pickleball!

The Rebounder Net features three sections; two angled base segments and one upright piece stemming from the intersection of the bases. This gives players a multitude of shots to practice. The top section works great for practicing high volleys while the lower section works low dinks. While this is rather large, measuring 6’ wide and 7’ high, it is incredibly lightweight and easy to move. The UV-treated nylon netting is extremely durable and even knotless. The net is weather-proof; if you want to play in the rain, this item will be right out there with you. The structure is made of 3-1/4”-diameter, galvanized steel rods which have been powder-coated.

The Rebounder Net is a great training tool for any pickleball fanatics who never want to stop playing.


Technical Specifications:

6' wide x 7' high.
Durable 1" powder-coated galvanized steel.
100% weather-resistant.
UV treated heavy-duty knotless nylon net.
23 lbs
$ 189.99

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