Rockford Fosgate P2P3G-12 Punch P2 and P3 12-Inch Black Steel Mesh Woofer Grille

Product Description

Brand: Rockford

Color: Black


  • Provides Excellent Protection From Damage
  • Compatible With Punch 2011 P2 Or P3 12 Inch Subwoofer
  • Easy Installation Using Existing Subwoofer Trim Ring
  • Sturdy Powder Coated Steel Grille Front
  • Includes Mounting Hardware
  • Mesh grille insert for Rockford Fosgate 12-inch, third-gen P2 and P3 subwoofers
  • Stamped metal construction for plenty of strength
  • Inserts snugly into Gen-3 P2 and P3 woofer trim rings

Publisher: Rockford Fosgate


This custom grille from Rockford Fosgate is designed for third-generation, 12-inch P2 and P3 model subwoofers, offering more protection for installations in your trunk or other spots where its a necessity.

Rockford Fosgate P2P3G-12 Stamped Metal Grille Insert
Made from stamped metal, this black grille will protect your 12-inch P2 or P3 subwoofers from the brutal environment of your trunk.
P2P3G-12 with Speaker
Installation is a breeze--just remove your trim ring, insert grille, and re-secure. Click here for a larger image

Protect Your P2 and P3 Model Subwoofers

Designed for Trunk Protection

Made from stamped metal, this black grille will protect your 12-inch P2/P3 subwoofers from the brutal environment of your trunk. Keeps your golf clubs, softball bats, hockey sticks or even baby strollers away from your prized Rockford Fosgate subwoofers.

Easy Install

Simply remove the existing trim ring from your woofer, insert the mesh grille, and re-secure the trim ring. All set.

P2P3G-12 Features
  • Inserts snugly into Gen-3 P2 & P3 trim rings.
  • Protects against surround and cone damage.
  • Sized to fit Gen-3 P2/P3 woofers.
  • Stamped mesh grille insert.

These grilles are designed specifically to fit the third generation, or Gen-3, 12-inch Rockford Fosgate P2 and P3 model woofers.

About Rockford Fosgate

Setting the standard for excellence in the audio industry, the Rockford Corpora

UPC: 796594258124

EAN: 780687339920

Package Dimensions: 15.0 x 13.0 x 2.0 inches

Languages: English

$ 19.96

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