ScoreBand PLAY Scorekeeper

Product Description
The ScoreBand PLAY is the perfect solution to end any scoring disagreement during your pickleball game. This clever watch has four different modes: golf, tennis, allscore and time. It is water resistant up to 3 ATM with a backlit display for easy viewing. The 1.5 volt cell battery is replaceable and also hibernates while not in use to preserve battery. This sharp-looking watch features a small screen centered within the comfortable rubberized-plastic body. The fit of the watch can be adjusted by simply clasping the band in a different hole. The ScoreBand PLAY’s 1”-wide body is either blue, pink or black with lime green accent buttons and black accent colors.

In Golf Mode, the top number on the display reads the hole number while the bottom number shows the stroke. The front and back 9 are represented by the running total of strokes with a summary of the score after 9 and 18 holes. The score view is the current, in-round score. Should you make an error on your stroke tally, it’s quick and easy to correct it through the ScoreBand PLAY. Tennis Mode tracks both the game and set scores with Player 1’s score on the top and Player 2’s on the bottom. The score view reflects the score at that specific point in the match. It’s simple to correct an error in the number of points as well.

Allscore Mode is a general scorekeeping setting for the ScoreBand PLAY. You can track both the game and series score up to 99:99 and records statistics or numbers for any sport or activity. Again, it’s simple to correct an error.

Time Mode simply gives you the time in both 12 and 24 hour time.

The ScoreBand PLAY is the ultimate scorekeeping tool and has a limited, one-year warranty.
$ 34.99

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