Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle - USAPA Approved - X5 Polypropylene Core - FiberFlex Fiberglass Face - 5 Sizes: Epic, S2, Omni, Maxima, and INVIKTA (S2 Midweight - Sapphire Blue)

Product Description

Brand: Selkirk Sport

Color: S2 Midweight - Sapphire Blue


  • USAPA TESTED & APPROVED - Selkirk pickleball paddles are Tested and Approved for all USAPA Tournament Play and used by over 200 sponsored professional and ranked players worldwide.
  • LARGER SWEET SPOT DESIGN - With our new AMPED technology, the sweet spot on your pickleball paddle is now Larger and More Responsive than ever before.
  • X5 POLYPROPYLENE POLYMER CORE - Our AMPED pickleball paddles feature an innovative new thicker patent pending X5 polypropylene core designed amplify your paddle's Power and Control.
  • FIBERFLEX UNIDIRECTIONAL FIBERGLASS FACE - A re-engineered proprietary FiberFlex fiberglass face design improves your AMPED paddle's match play feel and increases performance.
  • AMPED S2 - Midweight Avg.: 8.0-8.4oz - Sweet Spot Index: 10 - Extra Power - Popular weight for Tennis players. Recommended for playing singles.

Publisher: Selkirk Sport


Previously, Pickleball brands had to choose whether they wanted a paddle with power OR control because the unwritten rule was that you couldn't have both. However, the AMPED paddles feature groundbreaking new technology that allows you to have both.

Glen Peterson, 2016 US Open Champion: "I'm convinced that the AMPED technology with the thicker X5 core is the best core technology available on the market today. I love it and think that a lot of people are going to find this paddle absolutely fantastic for their game."

The amped features the x5 polypropylene core, an innovative new thicker polypropylene core designed amplify a paddle's power AND control. A re-engineered proprietary face increases the AMPED paddles performance. With the new AMPED technology, the sweet spot on the AMPED line of paddles is larger than ever before.

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UPC: 852722007290

EAN: 852722007290

Package Dimensions: 16.5 x 13.0 x 1.8 inches

$ 149.99

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