Selkirk Sport Pro S1 Pickleball Paddles - Polymer Graphite/Composite - S1G/S1G+/S1C/S1C+ (Red, S1C+ Composite Plus)

Product Description

Brand: Selkirk Sport

Color: Red


  • Larger surface area for the largest sweet spot to increase your consistency, control, and power.
  • Redesigned surface for increased spin and control.
  • Designed for the Pros, but will improve the game of beginners to advanced players.
  • SelkirkPro Review: Kyle Thieme, "Wow! What kind of magic did you put into it? The feel is insane. It's so soft, it's as though I can feel the compression. The ball seemed to stay on the paddle longer. It's the first paddle I've ever used where I felt like I had tennis racket strings."
  • Available in our FiberStrong Composite (for more power) and CarbonFlex Graphite (for more control), as well as a heavier and lighter versions.

Publisher: Selkirk Sport


Meet the Pro S1 Series of paddles, the bigger, badder brothers of the very popular Epic series. The Pro S1 series is the culmination of everything we have been working on for the past 3 years. The initial idea for the Pro S1 came in collaboration with Tony Tollenaar, a top SelkirkPro player. Tony suggested that we improve the Epic by shortening the handle and increasing the surface area of the paddle face. This seemingly small change, combined with a redesigned surface, produced a dramatic increase in performance and control. We launched the Pro S1 series at the 2016 National's with huge success and a large adoption by Pro players and recreational players alike.

Composite vs Graphite: Our composite Pro S1Cs are designed to have a little extra pop, where as our graphite Pro S1Gs are designed for extreme control. If you like to drive the ball from the baseline or are looking for a singles paddle, choose our Pro S1C Composite series. If you prefer doubles and have more traditional controled style of play, choose our Pro S1G Graphite series.

Pro S1 Models:
Composite S1C:            Control = 9.0 | Power = 9.5 | Weight = 7.5-8.0oz
Composite Plus S1C+: Control = 8.5 | Power = 10 | Weight = 8.0-8.5oz
Graphite S1G:               Control = 10 | Power = 8.5 | Weight = 7.3-7.6oz
Graphite Plus S1G+:    Control = 9.5 | Power = 9.5 | Weight = 7.8-8.2oz

UPC: 852722007078

EAN: 0852722007078

Package Dimensions: 18.7 x 8.5 x 1.5 inches

$ 69.99 $ 100.00

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