Set of 4 (FOUR) Forceum M/T 08 Plus Mud Radial Tires-LT265/70R17 121/118P LRE 10-Ply

Product Description

Brand: Forceum


  • Treadlife: N/A
  • Season: All Season
  • Performance: Mud Terrain
  • Car Type: Light Truck
  • Load Range E, 10-Ply Rating, 10 P.R.

Publisher: Forceum

Details: Forceum M/T 08 Plus

The Forceum M/T 08 Plus is an all season mud terrain tire manufactured for light trucks. The tire offers excellent all weather traction, and even in winter weather conditions offers great road grip. The tread cleans out mud and snow stuck between the tread blocks, while it also channels water away from the tread to resist hydroplaning. The tire design's center rib helps boosts the tire's steering responsiveness, driving stability and its mud traction. The improved steering is more precise and quicker to respond, while the driving stability prevents the M/T 08 Plus from deforming under pressure.


Mud Terrain Tire - This model offers excellent mud surface traction, which is enabled by its tread design.Self-cleaning Tread - The tread pattern design cleans out mud and snow stuck between the tread blocks, maintaining great traction.Steering Responsiveness - The steering is more accurate and swift thanks to the center rib in the tread pattern design, which controls the tire.All Season Tire - The tire's special tread pattern design offers an enhanced road grip in all weather conditions, including winter weather.Enhanced Grip - The center rib in the tread pattern offers a boosted grip on muddy surfaces, making the tire safer to use on such terrain.Driving Stability - The tread pattern's center rib and the tire's reinforced structure provide improved on-road driving stability to the tire.

UPC: 850000023161

EAN: 850000023161

$ 535.97

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