Starting Line Products 20-136 - HD Drive Clutch Puller Polaris RZR ACE Ranger General 900/1000/Turbo, 5/6/7/8/900 Polaris Snowmobile

Product Description

Brand: Starting Line Products


  • Designed to pull even the toughest of clutches off the tapered crankshaft, made of high quality heat treated material
  • Polaris RZR Fitment: 2011-20 900 Models, 2014-20 1000 Models, 2016-20 Turbo Models
  • Polaris General Fitment: 2016-20 1000 Models
  • Polaris Ranger Fitment: 2013-19 900, 2017 1000 XP, 2017-18 1000 XP Crew (EXCEPT Diesel)
  • Polaris Snowmobile Fitment: 2000-20 5/6/7/8/850/900 Twins & FST, 1999-00 XCR 7/800

Publisher: Starting Line Products

Details: This clutch puller is designed to pull even the toughest of clutches off the tapered crankshaft. Made of high quality heat treated material, this tool is made to last. Works in place of OEM puller #2872085 & 2875567 Proudly made in the USA. NOTE: It is highly recommended to use the SLP Clutch Holding Tool (SLP #20-202) in conjunction with this clutch puller to safely hold the primary clutch from spinning while removing the clutch from the tapered end of the crankshaft. This clutch puller will work on many different models. Refer to the model specific factory service manual for the correct primary clutch removal/installation instructions and torque specifications. If installing a SLP clutch kit, refer to the installation instructions specific to that kit or contact Starting Line Products Inc. Tech Support. *Wipe the clutch puller threads and tip clean to remove any dirt and apply clean grease to the threads and tip of clutch puller before each use. *For extremely stuck clutches, it is recommended to fill the center cavity of the primary clutch with grease before inserting the clutch puller. This will increase the force being exerted on the clutch and will hydro lock the clutch off the tapered shaft. This puller is not designed to be used with an impact driver which can cause damage to the puller, clutch and/or crank end. Puller damage from misuse or neglect is not covered under manufacturer's warranty. Important Note: When pulling the primary clutch it is recommended to leave the belt installed. Without the belt installed, the clutch can come loose with such force that it can fly off the machine and cause injury.

Package Dimensions: 14.0 x 6.5 x 0.5 inches

$ 52.95

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