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Sterling Silver Pickleball Heart Pendant

Product Description

The Sterling Silver Pickleball Heart Pendant adds a subtle, elegant touch to any guise. Whether you wear it draped on a chain around your neck, or looped onto a dainty bracelet on your wrist, this little charm is sure to garner the envy of all your pickleball friends. While a chain is not included with this product, all the doors are open for you to choose how to best wear your new gorgeous accessory. Whether it is worn with your dressiest get-up or just during a casual outing, it’s sure to add a sparkle.

The Sterling Silver Pickleball Heart Pendant pays homage to everyone’s true love for pickleball. The silver charm is stamped into the shape of a heart and measures 1-inch wide by 1-inch tall. A pickleball rises out of the center of the heart which adds a great element of dimension to the trinket. A hook is attached to the top of the heart which can be used to string a necklace or other fastener through.

The Sterling Silver Pickleball Heart Pendant adds a classy flair to every woman’s ensemble.

Dimensions: 3/4"H x 7/8"W
Sterling Silver
*Pendant Only, does not include chain.

$ 69.99

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