SunGrow Vet Trusted Pet Pet Shampoo Plus Conditioner for Cats/Dogs - 2-in-1 100% Organic, Medicinal - Essential Oil Extracts - Enriched with Aloe Vera/Coconut - 16 oz

Product Description

Brand: SunGrow


  • SHORTER & PLEASANT BATH TIME --- Giving your pet a bath is essential, but it can be a daunting task because your four-legged friend won't cooperate that easy. This is why we have combined the benefits of both shampoo and conditioner which gives your precious pet a chance to have SHORTER bath time, while having a pleasant bathing experience without any harmful chemicals involved. The idea is to make the bath time an enjoyable one. 
  • NATURAL, ORGANIC INGREDIENTS THAT CALM, SOOTHE & REVITALIZE PET'S SENSES --- The unique blend of organic and essential oils such as coconut, jojoba, rosemary, aloe vera, lemongrass and olive, calms and revitalizes the senses and ensures that your pet's coat gets silky soft and dirt-free. 
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE COAT & SKIN CARE --- This all-natural organic formula makes sure that your pet's sensitive, delicate or itchy skin becomes firmer, healthier and wellmoisturized. Grooming is so much easier with SunGrow 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner even on worn-out or matted coats. Take charge of your pet's dirty fur. Don't just leave them smelly when they can be spa-like fresh. 
  • TEAR-FREE SHAMPOO-CONDITIONER RECOMMENDED BY VET --- SunGrow brings you a vet recommended, tear-free formula containing essential oils and natural extracts that do not inflame your dog's nose and/or eyes. It is this delicate balance of essential oils that form the foundation of vet-trusted coat regime. Apply the shampoo starting at the neck and work forward the pet's tail & toes. Gently massage in circular motion and lather up the coat. Allow 2-3 minutes for greater conditioning results. 
  • IDEAL FOR ALL BREEDS OF CATS & DOGS --- The moisturizing pet shampoo and conditioner by SunGrow is formulated without tea-tree oil which makes it suitable to use on all breeds of cats and dogs. The non-toxic and chemical-free formula works best on both dry and oily skin. Whether you are a professional or home groomer, bring home this MADE IN USA formula and keep your furry friend in best of health and shape. 

Publisher: SunGrow

Details: Save a trip to the groomer and pamper your pet at home using the gentle yet powerful SunGrow 2-in-1 Organic Pet Shampoo and Conditioner. Strong enough for even the dirtiest fur, this all natural twin formula is free of chemicals and artificial fragrances.

Do pets really need separate Shampoo or Conditioning?
Yes. Definitely. The skin of your furry pets is much more sensitive than yours. The pH value of human shampoos is different than pet shampoos. As loving pet parents, it is our duty to ensure that our dogs and cats stay fresh, clean and safe. A specialized shampoo & conditioner makes sure of that.

I usually go to a groomer. Why should I shampoo and condition at home?
It is important to take your dog or cat to a groomer for certain things, however regular shampooing and conditioning at home is also necessary. Plus, it obviously saves you the trip and the high amount of money! Effective, vet-approved SunGrow 2-in-1 Pet Shampoo and Conditioner simplifies the process by combining the two products, an excellent advantage for at-home grooming.

What ingredients are there in the SunGrow Shampoo & Conditioner?
100% natural and organic, this shampoo and conditioner is made with raw tropical extracts. Aloe vera and rosemary moisturize, condition and soothe even the most brittle coat while the jojoba, olive and coconut oils help relieve itchy skin and sore spots.

My pet has sensitive skin. Can I still use it?
Absolutely. Because there are no harsh additives like alcohol, parabens or sulfates. The organic twin formula is extremely mild, hypoallergenic and the possibility of any adverse reaction is greatly reduced. Dogs and Cats of ALL breeds, ages and sizes, can use the chemical-free SunGrow Pet Shampoo and Conditioner. The non-toxic, tear-free formula is strong enough to rid your pet of dirt and dandruff, but gentle enough to be used on puppies, kitties and senior pets of the smallest breeds.

UPC: 791043304148

EAN: 0791043304148

Package Dimensions: 8.5 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches

$ 8.95

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