Tennis Strategy: How To Beat Any Style Player - Quick-Fix Book

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Author: Grant Grinnell

ISBN: 1514729717

Number Of Pages: 80

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 2015-11-19


Note: This book was revised and updated with the most current statistical analytics (IBM) on winning patterns of play, targets, and how beat any style player tactics in 2018.

This (quick-fix) book gives you the tactics and mental philosophy to beat any style player, singles or doubles. The tips are pointed, cut right to the chase, are in layman’s terms and summarized into powerful bullet point sections for (instant access).

The book is the culmination of 38 years coaching, 50,000 hours on-court experience, years of seeking uncommon knowledge, and decades of creating the most (efficient and effective) methods to help students find their best fast!

The book has 3 main sections: 1. Understanding different styles of players. 2. How to beat any style player, singles or doubles. 3. Mental toughness philosophy and mindsets.

The strategy section provides potent tactics on how to beat any style player including, Singles: how to beat a big server, a great returner, aggressive baseliner, pusher, counter-puncher, hacker-slicer, and all-court player. Doubles: how to beat big serving teams, great returning teams, teams that control the net, one up one back teams, poaching teams, lobbing teams, and teams with one hot player.

The mental toughness section uniquely redefines attitudes regarding winning and losing, competition, pressure, mistakes, fear, choking, and adversity to teach you how to play up to and (stretch) the upper limits of your ability.

Overall, this book is designed to save you time, improve practice sessions, free your mind and emotions from blocking the flow of your body, and give you the instantaneous tactical wisdom to consistently win!

This book makes a unique gift for all aspiring players at the right price!

EAN: 9781514729717

Package Dimensions: 8.0 x 5.5 x 0.3 inches

Languages: English

$ 10.95

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