The Concise History of Tennis

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Author: Karoly Mazak

ISBN: 1549746472

Number Of Pages: 151

Publisher: Independently published

Release Date: 2017-09-14

Details: Complete tennis history The book describes the most important tournaments, players and matches for every year between 1877 and 2017 with many interesting facts. All available tennis history books tackle tennis history unevenly in two main respects. They usually give very little information on the pre-1919 years and do not give enough weight to professional tennis before 1968. These limitations are overcome in this book. One page is devoted for each year between 1877 and 2017. Each page contains a short summary of the major events in that particular year, and year-end rankings in tabulated form that show the performance of the top players at the major events. World rankings Ever wondered who was the best player in 1889? Or in 1912? This book answers your questions with male and female world rankings for every year! The greatest novelty lies in the rankings, as no world rankings have yet been published before 1913, and professional players have usually been omitted from rankings before 1968. To arrive at his rankings, the author has taken into account contemporary classifications made by tennis journalists, and official national rankings. Player descriptions Containing hundreds of player descriptions, with more than 100 introductions before 1946 help you better understand the strengths and playing styles of the champions of early times as well.

EAN: 9781549746475

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Languages: English

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