The Official Pickleball Handbook

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Author: Mark Friedenberg

ISBN: 0966878507

Number Of Pages: 132

Publisher: PB Master

Release Date: 1999-08-16

Details: Pickleball has the combined features of badminton, tennis and table tennis but also has its own unique features, too! This sport receives point scoring from badminton, the court structure from badminton and tennis, the net from badminton and tennis. The paddle is made of either wood or a composite material. The ball is plastic and contains several small holes, like a wiffle ball. A game is played to 11 points. Only the server can score points 1 point per serve. Each time you win a point you serve again. You continue serving until you lose the rally.

The Official Pickleball handbook (132 pages) is designed for all levels of play, from the beginner up through the best players in the game. It is well organized, very entertaining, easy to read, and contains lots of great pictures. It is an excellent book for teachers and students. You will learn:

1. The history of pickleball.
2. The basic fundamentals of pickleball how to swing, move, create spin shots and much more.
3. Winning strategies including an easy-to-follow table of what to do if .
4. Secrets of the master players. Learn these great tricks to make you a better player.
5. The latest edition of USAPAs Official Tournament Rulebook (Updated in June 1999).
6. Tournament formats and brackets to start your own tournaments.

EAN: 9780966878509

Package Dimensions: 10.9 x 8.4 x 0.4 inches

Languages: English

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