Tourna Hot Glove Mitt for Tennis and Pickleball

Product Description

Brand: Tourna

Color: 030117


  • Keeps your hand warm on the coldest of days
  • The Tourna Hot Glove Mitt has openings on both sides
  • Just slip your hand into one side of the mitt and insert the racquet handle or paddle handle through the narrow opening at the top. Easy to put on, easy to take off.
  • Better than a glove because it keeps your hand directly on the handle so you don't lose any feel
  • Use it to warm up, use it at practice, use it during the match, does not hinder your hand movement
  • Ideal for Tennis and Pickleball
  • Made of 100% breathable fleece
  • One size fits all

Publisher: Tourna

Release Date: 2009-03-16

Warranty: n/a

Details: The Tourna Hot Glove Mitt is perfect for those cold weather days. Slide your hand into one side of the mitt and put the handle of your racquet or paddle through the other side. Better than a glove so you don't lose any feel, you are able to put your hand directly on the handle. Put in on and take it off faster than a glove. So comfortable, you can play the whole match with it or just use it for warm ups.

UPC: 784427578983

EAN: 0078914120343

Package Dimensions: 7.6 x 5.4 x 1.5 inches

$ 9.44

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