Under Armour Curry 4 Basketball Shoes - 11.5 - Black

Product Description

Brand: Under Armour

Color: Black/Black


  • Breathable - Air can flow in and out of the mesh for breathability.
  • Lightweight Panels - Synthetic quarter panels provide further balance and reduce the weight of the shoe.
  • Ankle Sleeve - Soft ankle sleeve allows a wide range of movement at the ankle.
  • Seamless - A seamless connection between ankle sleeve and shoe will reduce the risk of irritation through rubbing and chafing.
  • Toe Protection - Thick material covers the toes for firm protection from bumps and knocks.

Details: Under Armour Curry 4 Basketball Shoes Designed for the ultimate gamebreaker, inspired by a record breaker, the Under Armour Curry 4 offers more traction, more comfort and more control to your game. Breathable Upper No matter how hard you work on court, the upper of the Curry 4 Basketball Shoes will ensure that you will always be able to find comfort. The breathable mesh allows air to flow in and out, which means that as you begin to sweat and the air inside the shoes begin to warm up, it is able to escape out of the mesh. This is then replaced by cooler air outside of the shoe, maintaining a cool climate. The shoe has quarter panels made with synthetic microfibres, this will provide further balance, and in addition, this will also reduce the weight, contributing by keeping the overall weight of the shoe to a minimum. At the top of the shoe, there is a sock-like collar which will provide a soft feel which will allow a wide range of movement. This sleeve is connected to the quarter panel without any stitching to cause irritation from rubbing and chafing. Thick material covers the toes, which will provide protection from bumps and knocks. The heel is also supported by firm walls which will hold it in a firm and upright position. Up the foot laces and a soft and padded tongue will make finding a secure and comfortable fit is easy to achieve. Shock Absorbing Midsole Ready for all impacts from huge leaps, sudden explosions of pace and sharp cornering, the midsole will support and protect your foot in all of these actions. Towards the bottom, the EVA is extremely firm, which will absorb all shocks from below instantly and effectively. The further up the midsole you go, the EVA is softer, which will provide long-lasting cushioning. This comfort will stay with you the whole game, giving you one less thing to worry about in the game. Under the heel, there is a firmer unit which provides more focused protection. A speed plate will add more strength to the midsole

UPC: 191480948286

EAN: 0191480948286

Package Dimensions: 13.8 x 9.1 x 5.0 inches

$ 97.49 $ 97.50

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