Wilson Pickleball Net Posts

Product Description

Thinking about making your own permanent pickleball court? The Wilson Pickleball Net Posts are specifically designed by Wilson Sports to be the ultimate solution for permanent pickleball courts. These Wilson pickleball net posts include a Deluxe Heavy Duty Wind Reel which is the non-removable crank system for tightening and loosening the net. The best pickleball net to use with these posts is the Wilson Pickleball Net which has the necessary loop feature to use with the crank found on these poles. Otherwise, a net with a steel cable is required for use. The steel poles have a 2-3/8” outside diameter and an inside diameter of 2-1/8”, with a wall thickness of 1/8” making them a great choice for the pickleball courts.

Each of the Wilson Pickleball Net Posts is 50” long, making it the perfect height for pickleball playing. J-Clips are included to adjust the height of the net, if necessary, to make it regulation height. These posts come with 24”-tall PVC sleeves to use with the posts, but keep in mind that caps for these sleeves are not included. The sleeves have a 2-1/2” inside diameter and a 3” outside diameter. Available in the following colors: black and green.

Please note: The Wilson pickleball net is 22 feet wide, so posts should be placed 3-4" wider than this on each side to allow room to tighten net. Do not install posts at 22 feet or net will not fit correctly. Wilson Sports guarantees against defects in these posts for one year from date of purchase.
$ 289.99

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