Winning Pickleball

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Author: Mark Friedenberg

Edition: 1st


  • Mark "Yoda" Friedenberg is a world renowned, highly ranked US pickleball player
  • Multiple National Champion
  • Inducted into the Pickleball Hall of Fame in it's inaugural year
  • Founder of ProLite Sports... the innovators of the modern-day pickleball paddle
  • Founder of the USAPA... the governing body of Pickleball in the USA

ISBN: 0966878515

Number Of Pages: 179

Publisher: PB Master

Release Date: 2018

Details: Mark "Yoda" Friedenberg is a world-renowned, highly ranked US pickleball player who has won multiple National Championships. He is a member of the Pickleball Hall of Fame, elected in the inaugural year, 2017 along with Pickleball's "Founding Fathers." Although it might be because of his age or physical stature, his pickleball friends call him Yoda. Wherever he plays, he always brings his "bag of tricks" and strategies to the courts. Having played pickleball since 1989, he is among the most knowledgeable players to have ever played the game. His pickleball knowledge, skills, tournament experience, bag of tricks, and strategies have gone into writing "Winning Pickleball." Mark has been interviewed on several TV stations, radio stations, and by newspapers and magazines throughout the United States. His life constantly revolves around sports. He's a "gym rat!" Besides pickleball, he has played baseball, basketball, football, racquetball, softball, tennis and table tennis. He has several years of coaching experience with the Little League and Boys and Girls Club chapters in WA. He is an educator, teaching at the college level at the US Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD, and Green River Community College, Auburn, WA. Mark has a BA in Mathematics and an MS in Computer Science. "Winning Pickleball" is designed for all levels of play, from the beginner up through the highest skilled players in the game. It is well organized, entertaining, and very easy to read. It contains many great pictures depicting the basic fundamental skills, and pickleball strategies to improve your game and raise it to the next level! Mark exposes many secrets of the master players. "Winning Pickleball" is the most comprehensive book written on the sport of pickleball!

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Languages: English

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