ZOEA Pickleball Balls Outdoor neon with 26 Drilled Holes (Durable/consistent Flight and Bounce) 3 Pack Set&6 Pack Set

Product Description

Brand: ZOEA

Color: Indoor 3-Pack


  • ❎HIGH VISIBILITY-- The ZOEA pickleball is made of luminous material with High visibility, after put it under the sun for 5-10 mins, it will have luminous effect which very good for pickleball players to track it better.

  • ❎PERFECT BOUNCE-- Engineered for a lively and consistent bounce on all indoor surfaces, the rigid photon is just the right hardness for upbeat play that beginners and experts alike enjoy.

  • ❎ULTRA BALANCED-- A win should be determined by skill, not imperfect equipment; that's why our ball is expertly balanced with 2-piece construction for consistent play right out of the box- NO CONDITIONING REQUIRED.

  • ❎PRECISION CONSTRUCTION-- 26 precision molded holes allow the ball to fly at the right pace for indoor play, and with a durable and rigorous build, this ball outlasts the competition.

  • ❎FOR ALL PLAYERS-- Pickleball set ideal for players of all ages / skills playing on indoor court. Packge: 8.976 x 2.953 x 2.913 inches/4.16 ounces

    【If you break item,tell us and we`ll send you a new one.】

Publisher: ZOEA


The ZOEA Indoor Ball is specifically designed and optimized for pickleball, providing the truest flight and most authentic bounce available. Featuring smaller holes and precise weighting, the delivers optimal rebound on Indoor courts and resists wind interference. This ball offers:

--Highly Visible

This bright luminous color is easy to see against any backdrop, allowing you to spot the ball quicker as it comes off a paddle and even improve your shot accuracy.

--True Flight Technology

The smooth seam and symmetrical halves of the Indoor Pickleball are weighted heavier to fly straighter in extreme indoor conditions and deliver outstanding playability, ultimate precision, and consistent flight.

--Authentic Bounce Technology

The Indoor Pickleball was engineered for the sport of pickleball. Our proprietary formula and exclusive material were designed to deliver the most consistent and authentic bounce in the game.

--Exceptional Durability

The undeniable durability of the Pickleball comes from the advanced welding process that joins the two halves of the pickleball together.

--For All Players

Beginner and experienced players alike can improve their pickleball skills and have tons of fun playing a great game that keeps on growing in popularity.

If you break item,tell us and we`ll send you a new one.

UPC: 717877381117

EAN: 0717877381117

Package Dimensions: 9.0 x 3.0 x 2.9 inches

$ 9.99

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